What is this?

Credit control, as with any other part of your business, needs to be consistent, effective and understood and implemented by all employees, so a set of procedures can be the easiest way of making the process easily accessible to all.

We will work with you and for you to create a set of procedures for your company outlining the basic principles of your credit control.

Each section will be specifically tailored to reflect the unique nature of your business and will contain realistic aims and achievable targets.

How does it benefit my business?

Providing a clear set of guidelines will standardise your credit control processes, ensuring a consistent service to your customers and will also explain to other parts of your business the value of supporting the credit control function.

Once in place, they can be a valuable training tool for current and future employees and provide a point of reference for any procedural queries.

What will we pay?

Creating a workable and relevant set of procedures will require a degree of contact time while we work together to find out what your requirements might be.