What is this?

Ensuring due debt is paid on time is integral to the success of any business; a sale is not a sale until the invoice is paid. If your cash flow is stalling because of unpaid debt, the detrimental effect on the rest of your business will quickly be felt.

If you have existing debt that you are having trouble recovering, we will use our experience and expertise to obtain payment on your behalf. We will mediate between both parties and help to resolve any queries to allow payment to be made.

One-off Debt Recovery Service

Most businesses from time to time have individual debts for which they may need help recovering. The fee for the recovery of one-off debts will be a percentage of the amount outstanding to be agreed on a debt by debt basis. This will be agreed with you in writing once an assessment of the circumstances has been completed.

We can also instigate proceedings in the small claims court on your behalf for any debt up to £100,000. There will be a one off fee for this service, in addition to the court costs. A further fee will be payable upon judgement, in addition to the court costs, should this be necessary.

No action will be taken without full consultation with you and any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Would definitely recommend.
— D White, Builder (Hedge End)